Henry My Son / Dunwich

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Henry My Son / Dunwich

Where have you been all day, Henry, my son?
Where have you been all day my beloved one?
In the fields dear mother, in the fields dear mother.
Take my hand for I'm afraid, in my heart,
And I want to lie down.

Where did you see your father, Henry, my son?
Where should I make your bed, my beloved one?
In fields dear mother, in the water dear mother.
A rope to hang him in the churchyard,
Long and narrow, long and narrow.
Make my bed for I'm alone, in my heart,
And I want to lie down.

Take my hand, for I'm afraid in my heart,
And I want to lie down.
Take my hand, take my hand, as I want to lie down forever.
Lie down, lie down, let the grass grow over me forever.

Lie down with your head
Hanging over the edge.
The taste in the air of
Fresh water and salt.

Ten churches are gone
But we're still hanging on.
To the land which abrades
Of which there is no halt.

So lie down your head
Falling over the edge.
Looking out to sea,
Swimming backwards in time.
Swimming backwards through time.


from CLAPPER IS STILL, released November 11, 2013



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Way Through London, UK

WAY THROUGH are Claire Titley and Christopher Tipton, a pastoral punk duo originally from Shropshire, now residing in London. Informed by the field as much as the flyover, Way Through write songs which phase out with guitar, tapes, damaged drums and vocals. Using wrong-footed repetition, rapid interplay and free-looping happenstance the band create a ragged yet intuitive tapestry of sound. ... more

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